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Marching to War with a song

News From The Fron​t

Significant Engagemen​ts 1915

The Ruins of Ypres

The Battle of Neuve-Chapelle 10 - 13 March 1915
Battle of Ypres 1915 (2nd Battle of Ypres) 22 April – 25 May 1915
The Battle of Aubers 9 - 10 May 1915
The Battle of Festubert 15 - 25 May 1915
The Battle of Loos 25 September - 19 October 1915

Map of the Loos Battlefield

The battles of 1915 showed both the Allies and the Germans how difficult it was to break through on the Western Front. In most battles, the British and French had around a three-to-one superiority in men and artillery. But, although the German defenders gave ground, they did not break and were often able to retake some of their lost positions. (source: National Army Museum)

In Remembran​ce

You Tube video by Guss Parkin January 2014

Leadgate men who fell in 1915

Oliver Redshaw a member of Leadgate Cricket Club who died 23rd October 1915 after the Battle of Loos

DAVID FOREMAN  (10 Nelson Street) b:1897 d:29/03/1915 1st/6th Battalion Durham Light Infantry  Buried / Commemorated Ypres Menin Gate  Memorials: St Ives: Consett

THOMAS W LEDGER  (Front Street (Sportsmans Arms)) b:1893 d:26/04/1915 1st/6th Battalion Durham Light Infantry  Buried / Commemorated Ypres Menin Gate  Memorials: Durham Road: St Ives: Leadgate Club

JOHN G WOODS  (7 Front Street) b:1893 d:26/04/1915  1st/6th Battalion Durham Light Infantry Buried / Commemorated  Ypres Menin Gate Memorials: Durham Road: St Ives

WILLIAM E GALLAGHER  (10 Tindale Street (320 Tin Street)) b:1898 d:16/06/1915  2nd Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own) Buried / Commemorated Rue Du Bacquerot (13th London) Graveyard, Laventie  Memorials: Durham Road: St Ives: Brooms Calvary

THOMAS CHRISTOPHER BEST  (Bank Top Farm) b:1895 d:09/08/1915  2nd Battalion Durham Light Infantry Buried / Commemorated Ypres Menin Gate.  Memorials: Durham Road: St Ives: Leadgate Club: Iveston

GEORGE REDSHAW (30 South Cross Street (392 South Cross Street)) b:1883 d21/09/1915  6th Battalion Durham Light Infantry Buried / Commemorated Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension (Nord)  Memorials: Durham Road-St Ives

PATRICK McVAY (6 Nelson Street) b:1882 d:27/09/1915 10th (Service) Battalion Durham Light Infantry  Buried / Commemorated Lijssenhoek Military Cemetery Memorials: Stanley

CHARLES DUNN (7 Nelson Street) b:1865 d:29/09/1915 7th (Service) Battalion Royal Scots Fusiliers  Buried / Commemorated Abberville Communal Cemetery  Memorials: Chopwell

OLIVER REDSHAW  (30 South Cross Street (392 South Cross Street)) b:1886 d:23/10/1915 14th (Service) Battalion Durham Light Infantry  Buried / Commemorated Ploegsteert Wood Military Cemetery  Memorials: Durham Road: St Ives

JOSEPH McCREEDY  (171 Leadgate Bottle Bank) b:1892 d:09/05/1916 1st Battalion Seaforth Highlanders  Buried / Commemorated Le Touret Memorial Memorials: West Hartlepool

Naming Conventions for Units in WW1

Units with a single Battalion number and no suffix would have existed in the Regular Army at the time of the outbreak of the War

Amalgamated units (mainly Reserve Forces or Territorial Army) would be named for their original units e.g. 1st/6th Battalion. From late 1917 onwards some units were amalgamated in theatre, these amalgamated units would reflect all the units in their titles.

Units raised under Lord Kitchener's New Army were named as Service Battalions often referred to as Pals Battalions due to the fact that there would have been recruited in a small area, even sometimes from a particular trade.


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