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Significant Engagements 1917

Map of  Passchendaele

Nivelle Offensive
Battle of Arras (1917)
Battle of Vimy Ridge
Second Battle of the Aisne, also called the Third Battle of Champagne
Battle of Messines
Third Battle of Ypres, also called the Battle of Passchendaele
Battle of La Malmaison
Battle of Cambrai (1917)

A You Tube video on Passendaele (3rd Battle of Ypres) published July 2017

Map of the Vimy Ridge Battlefield

The battles of 1917 were, in the main, attempts to end the stalemate that was "trench warfare" both on the Western and Eastern Fronts. Most of the battles did little to achieve that, however two significant events; The Russian Revolution and the USA entering the War changed the dynamics. Because Russia post-revolution left the battlefield it meant that the German Army could bolster the Western Front with troops from the Eastern Front and the arrival of the armies of the USA gave the allies fresh impetus.

German map showing the counter attack plans

In Remembrance

Private Cecil Goody

The Leadgate men who fell in 1917

EDWIN PETER PEARSON (37 Garden Terrace) b:1898 d:25/01/1917 7th (Pioneer) Battalion Durham Light Infantry  Buried / Commemorated Flatiron Copse Cemetery Mametz  Memorials: Durham Road: St Ives

JAMES RICHARD HART (24 South Cross Street (2 South Cross Street, 395 South Cross Street)) b:1893 d:21/03/1917 H.M.H.S. " Asturias." Royal Army Medical Corps  Buried / Commemorated St Ives Leadgate  Memorials: Durham Road: St Ives: Methodists

JOSEPH WILLIAM FOSTER  (Castle Dene Iveston) b:1884 d:29/03/1917 10th Battalion Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)  Buried / Commemorated Faubourg D’Amiens Cemetery Arras

WILFRED SMART (22 Hawthorn Terrace Derwent Cottages) b:1894 d:09/04/1917  23rd (Tyneside Scottish) Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers Buried / Commemorated Arras Memorial  Memorials: Medomsley

THOMAS KIRSOPP  (13 Park Terrace) b:1876 d:09/04/1917  10th (Grimsby Chums) Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment  Buried / Commemorated Arras Memorial  Memorials: Durham Road: St Ives: Methodists

ROBERT PARKER (1 Bell's Cottages, Iveston) ,b:1880 d:20/04/1917 13th Battalion Durham Light Infantry  Buried / Commemorated Railway Dugouts Burial Ground  Memorials: Durham Road: St Ives: Iveston

JOHN McGRAHAM  (14 Tindale Street (314 Tin Street)) d:22/04/1917 B Battery. 88th Brigade Royal Field Artillery  Buried / Commemorated  Bully Grenay Communal Cemetery, British Extension Memorials: Durham Road: St Ives: Brooms Calvary

GEORGE PARKUS BROWN  (33 Garden Terrace) b:1890 d:01/05/1917 13th Battalion Durham Light Infantry  Buried / Commemorated Bailleul Road East CemeterySt Laurent-Blangy  Memorials: Durham Road: Medomsley

MATTHEW WILLIAM MAWSON (62 South Cross St (429 South Cross Street)) b:1897 d:03/05/1917  1st Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment Buried / Commemorated Arras Memorial  Memorials: Durham Road: St Ives: Leadgate Club

GEORGE HENRY IRWIN (8 Green Street) b:1891 d:05/05/1917 Durham Light Infantry Buried / Commemorated Leadgate (St Ives) Churchyard  Memorials: Durham Road: St Ives

RICHARD RICHINGS  (6 Tindale Street (400/401 Leadgate 1901 moved to Lamesley)) b:1893 d:07/06/1917 12th Battalion Durham Light Infantry  Buried / Commemorated  Ypres Menin Gate Memorials: Kibblesworth Colliery ROH

ROBERT MAWSON  (176 Bottle Bank) b:1887 d:07/06/1917  12th Battalion Durham Light Infantry Buried / Commemorated Ypres Menin Gate  Memorials: Durham Road: St Ives

JOHN THOMAS UNITE GREY  (213 Leadgate Bottle Bank) b:1896 d:20/07/1917 1st Royal Marines Battalion Royal Naval Division Buried / Commemorated Point-Du-Jour Military Cemetery Athies  Memorials: Stanley Book of Remembrance

LESLIE BELL  (15A Hawthorn Terrace Derwent Cottages) b:1896 d:11/09/1917  22nd (Tyneside Scottish) Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers Buried / Commemorated Hargicourt British Cemetery  Memorials: Medomsley

GEORGE WOODMAN BELL  (Leadgate in 1881) b:1879 d:01/08/1917  912th Company Army Service Corps Buried / Commemorated St Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen  Memorials: New Mills Derbyshire

THOMAS C HODGSON  (65 Bradley Bungalows) b:1897 d:18/08/1917 2nd/4th Battalion Gloucester Regiment  Buried / Commemorated New Irish Farm Military Cemetery  Memorials: Leadgate Club: Medomsley

ROBINSON JOHN MORGAN (1 Garden Place) b:1885 d:03/10/1917 9th Battalion North Staffordshire Regiment  Buried / Commemorated Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery  Memorials: Durham Road: St Ives: Leadgate Club

JOHN EDGAR  (8 Derwent Cottages) b:1895 d:05/10/1917  15th Battalion Durham Light Infantry Buried / Commemorated Tyne Cot Memorial  Memorials: Durham Road: St Ives: Brooms Calvary: Medomsley

CECIL GOODY (18 Church Street) b:1899 d:16/10/1917 6th Battalion King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry  Buried / Commemorated Goderaersvelde British Cemetery  Memorials: Durham Road: St Ives: Brooms Calvary

ROBERT WS TAIT  (429 South Cross Street) b:1888 d:03/11/1917  1st/8th Battalion Durham Light Infantry Buried / Commemorated Tyne Cot Memorial  Memorials: Durham Road: St Ives

THOMAS HADDON BELL  (25 North Cross Street (311 Leadgate 1901)) b:1898 d:20/11/1917 1st/5th Battalion Duke of Wellingtons Regiment Buried / Commemorated Perth Cemetery China Wall  Memorials: Durham Road: St Ives: Leadgate Club

PETER KELLY  (82 Front Street (Born in Darlington Lived 114 Front Street Leadgate)) b:1887 d:23/11/1917 237th Siege Battery Royal Garrison Artillery  Buried / Commemorated Etaples Military Cemetery  Memorials: Cockerton

ROBERT PORTER  (5 Pont View) b:1893 d:03/12/1917  14th Battalion Durham Light Infantry Buried / Commemorated Cambrai Memorial, Louverval  Memorials: Durham Road: St Ives

THOMAS CULLEN  (35 North Cross Street (363 North Cross Street)) b:1892 d:06/12/1917 6th Inniskilling Dragoons  Buried / Commemorated Tincourt New British Cemetery  Memorials: Durham Road: St Ives: Brooms Calvary

CARLYLE JOHNSON  (1 Office Row Burnhope) b:1887 d:14/12/1917 6th Battalion Yorkshire Hussars Buried / Commemorated St Patrick's Cemetery Loos  Memorials: Iveston


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