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The Final Days

News From The Front

Significant Engagements 1918

German Spring Offensive
First Battle of the Somme (1918) also known as the Battle of St. Quentin or the Second Battle of the Somme (to distinguish it from the 1916 battle)
Battle of the Lys also known as the Fourth Battle of Ypres and the Battle of Estaires
Third Battle of the Aisne
Battle of Cantigny
Battle of Belleau Wood
Second Battle of the Marne
Battle of Soissons (1918) ( on August 4th, Adolf Hitler is awarded the Iron Cross First Class during this battle)
Battle of Château-Thierry (1918)
Hundred Days Offensive (8 August to 11 November 1918)
Battle of Amiens
Second Battle of the Somme (1918),  also known as the Third Battle of the Somme
Battle of Saint-Mihiel
Battle of Epéhy
Battle of the Hindenburg Line
Meuse-Argonne Offensive , also called the Battle of the Argonne Forest
Battle of Cambrai (1918)
Battle of the Sambre (1918) , also known as the Second Battle of the Sambre

The 100 Day Offensive that led to end of World War One. A You Tube video by Hadesdaman published January 2017.

Western Battle Front Summer 1918

Distribution of German Forces October 1918

In Remembrance

The Leadgate men who fell in 1918

FRANCIS BORTHWICK  (215 Bottle Bank) b:1896 d:10/01/1918  9th Battalion King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry Buried / Commemorated  Vis En Artois Memorials: Consett: Methodists

ROBERT REYNOLDS  b:1884 d:12/01/1918  24th (Tyneside Irish) Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers Buried / Commemorated Wancourt British Cemetery  Memorials: Ryton

ROBERT GEDLING  (11 Green Street) b:1897 d:21/03/1918  25th (Tyneside Irish) Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers Buried / Commemorated Arras Memorial Faubourg D'Amies Cemetery  Memorials: Pelton

ROBERT WHARTON YOUNG  (Richardson’s Yard Watling Street (52 Durham Road)) b:1898 d:21/03/1918  2nd/6th Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment Buried / Commemorated Arras Memorial  Memorials: Durham Road: St Ives: Iveston

THOMAS TEASDALE  (16 West Street) b:1897 d:22/03/1918  J Special Company Royal Engineers Buried / Commemorated Arras Memorial  Memorials: Consett

HERBERT L WARBURTON  (228 Green Street) 1898 1918 22/03/1918  15th Battalion Durham Light Infantry Buried / Commemorated Pozieres Memorial  Memorials: Durham Road: St Ives

JOHN OXLEY  (4 Church Street) b:1890 d:22/03/1918 15th Battalion Durham Light Infantry  Buried / Commemorated Pozieres Memorial  Memorials: Durham Road: St Ives

CHARLES J HODGSON (65 Bradley Bungalows) b:1895 d:25/03/1918 8th Battalion North Staffordshire Regiment Buried / Commemorated Wimereux Communal Cemetery  Memorials: Leadgate Club: Medomsley

WILLIAM JACKSON  (27 North Cross Street (311 North Cross Street)) b:1896 d:25/03/1918  19th (Durham Bantams) Battalion Durham Light Infantry Buried / Commemorated Pozieres Memorial  Memorials: Durham Road: St Ives: Leadgate Club

GEORGE VEITCH  (60 Front Street (89 Front Street)) b:1898 d:29/03/1918 2nd/6th Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment  Buried / Commemorated Pozieres Memorial  Memorials: Durham Road: St Ives

ROBERT F WANLESS  (Front Street) b:1895 d:09/04/1918 14th (Service) Battalion Durham Light Infantry  Buried / Commemorated Rue-David Military CemeteryFleurbaix  Memorials: Durham Road: St Ives

ARTHUR JAMES KENNEDY  (15 South Cross Street) b:1895 d:20/04/1918  23rd (Tyneside Scottish) Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers Buried / Commemorated Ploegsteert Memorial  Memorials: Craghead

FREDERICK RIDLEY (17 West Street) b:1886 d:24/04/1918Royal Navy  - Served on Pembroke Buried / Commemorated Leadgate (St Ives)  Memorials: Consett

ALBERT TODD  (9 Church Street) b:1897 d:24/04/1918 19th (Service) Battalion Durham Light Infantry Buried / Commemorated Pozieres Memorial  Memorials: Unknown

THOMAS EDWARD FENWICK  (Lived Low Bradley Farm) b:1890 d:28/05/1918 15th Battalion Durham Light Infantry  Buried / Commemorated Hermonville Military Cemetery  Memorials: Medomsley

PETER SLANE  (231 Green Street) b:1888 d:16/06/1918 13th Battalion Durham Light Infantry  Buried / Commemorated Montecchio Precalcino Communal Cemetery Extension  Memorials: Durham RoadSt Ives: Brooms Calvary

JOHN GEORGE LAMB (9 Park Terrace (29, Ewehirst Rd., Dipton)) b:1899 d:20/06/1918  2nd/5th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers Buried / Commemorated Loos Memorial  Memorials: Leadgate Club: Dipton

ALFRED HAGGERSTON  (19 North Cross Street) (Lived 308 North Cross Street )) b:1899 d:25/06/1918  22nd (Durham Pioneers) Battalion Durham Light Infantry Buried / Commemorated Marfaux British Cemetery  Memorials: Batley

ROBERT PEARSON  (37 GARDEN TERRACE) b:1885 d:11/08/1918  32nd Battalion Machine Gun Corps (Infantry) Buried / Commemorated Vis-En-Artios Memorial  Memorials: Durham Road: St Ives

BASIL FORD  (1911 5 Park Terrace then Front Street)) b:1889 d:21/08/1918  12th/13th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers Buried / Commemorated Vis-En-Artios Memorial  Memorials: Durham Road: St Ives

JOSEPH TURNER  (3 Garden Place) b:1881 d:02/09/1918 248  2nd Battalion Australian Machine Gun Corps Buried / Commemorated Dourlers Communal Cemetery Extension  Memorials: Durham Road: St Ives

JOSEPH F CRONEY  (37 Valley View (44 Plantation Street)) b:1889 d:14/09/1918 1st/9th Battalion Durham Light Infantry  Buried / Commemorated Fifteen Ravine British Cemetery  Memorials: Durham Road: St Ives: Brooms Calvary

THOMAS EDWARD ROWLAND  (239 Nelson Street) b:1899 d:23/09/1918 S.S.  Aldershot Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve  Buried / Commemorated Chatham Naval Memorial  Memorials: Durham Road: St Ives: Leadgate Club: Methodists

JOHN GEORGE BEST  (410 Tin Street)) b:1899 d:01/10/1918 12th Battalion Royal Scots  Buried / Commemorated Dadizeele New British Cemetery  Memorials: Durham Road: St Ives: Leadgate Club

GEORGE BROWN  (165 Bottle Bank) b:1898 d:02/10/1918 4th Battalion Worcester Regiment  Buried / Commemorated Tyne Cot Memorial  Memorials: Durham Road: St Ives: Leadgate Club

HENRY GARTLAND (Golden Lion Yard (Lived Front St 1905 moved to Morley Leeds)) b:1895 d:05/10/1918  13th Battalion Durham Light Infantry Buried / Commemorated Beaurevoir British Cemetery  Memorials: St Ives: Brooms Calvary

WILLIAM ROBSON  (420 South Cross Street) b:1898 d:05/10/1918  13th Battalion Durham Light Infantry  Buried / Commemorated Prospect Hill CemeteryGouy  Memorials: Durham Road: St Ives

THOMAS MATTHEW TELFER  (10 Tindale Street (322 Tin Street)) b:1887 d:05/10/1918  12th/13th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers Buried / Commemorated Berlin South Western Cemetery  Memorials: Durham Road:St Ives: Brooms Calvary: Leadgate Club

ROBERT McCREEDY  (171 Leadgate Bottle Bank) b:1896 d:17/10/1918  2nd Battalion Durham Light Infantry Buried / Commemorated Vaux Andigny British Cemetery  Memorials: West Hartlepool

THEODORE EDGAR  (17 Hawthorn Terrace Derwent cottages) b:1896 d:23/10/1918  9th Battalion Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry Buried / Commemorated Amerval Communal Cemetery  Memorials: Medomsley

ERNEST CANT  (35 Bradley Cottages) b:1885 d:24/10/1918 1st/6th Battalion Durham Light Infantry  Buried / Commemorated Berlin South Western Cemetery  Memorials: Medomsley

GEORGE HENRY HOOPER  (8 Parkers Buildings Iveston) b:1897 d:27/10/1918 11th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers  Buried / Commemorated Tezze British Cemetery  Memorials: Medomsley

FREDERICK BARRON (1 Railway Street (274 Railway Street)) b:1889 d:27/10/1918  11th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers Buried / Commemorated Giavera Memorial  Memorials: Consett Medal Roll

THOMAS LEE  (11 Bradley Cottages) b:1890 d:07/11/1918 15th Battalion Durham Light Infantry  Buried / Commemorated Dourlers Communal Cemetery Extension  Memorials: Medomsley

GEORGE ANTHONY CARR  (126 Front Street) b:1889 d:09/12/1918 Durham Light Infantry Buried / Commemorated Leadgate (St Ives)  Memorials: Durham Road: St Ives


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