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Childhood memories of Bradley Bungalows Leadgate by Bernard Nixon

Bernard was born in 1953, the formative part of his childhood was spent in Bradley Bungalows. He has created a sketchbook of memories of that childhood. Click here to see Bernard's Sketchbook

The Baird of Leadgate Mervyn Craig by Robert Gowland

Mervyn lived in Leadgate and wrote a number of poe​ms which were published in at least 2 books. Click here to read Robert's story

Medomsley & Villa Real by Bill Laidlaw

Although I was born in Medomsley in 1949, we moved to Villa real in the early 50’s. My earliest memories are going to Leadgate Primary School when I was 5 (no parents, just my older brother).
Click here to read Bill's Story

Medomsley Cricket Club by Ray Agar

Medomsley Cricket Club played at High Westwood in the 1970s as they do now. We were in the Durham County League, which was at a really high standard at the time, with many teams having ​professionals. Click here to read Ray's story                

Patrick Egan - Bowden: Eden: and the Tyneside Irish  by Kevin egan

We noticed in the 1881 census for Shotts, Lanarkshire and apart from the birthplaces of Ireland and Scotland there were three children listed as born in England. They were Elizabeth, Ellen and Patrick. Click here to read Kevin's story

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