Leadgate Community History Club

Leadgate Remembers The Fallen of 2 World Wars

World War 1

This very ambitious project was taken on by Andy Plant and involved many hours of research, not only finding the men but also finding their ties to the Leadgate of that time.
Andy, as part of his project, produced a memorial card for each man and these were placed on the buildings that now stand where they had lived.
Leadgate Village Community History Group has worked at documenting Andy's database with a view of giving it an interactive presence on this website. 

Silent Soldiers

The Silent Soldier was an initiative of the Royal British Legion to mark the centenary of the armistice of WW1. This initiative caught the public imagination throughout the year, Leadgate was no exception. Fund raising events were organised by Leadgate Task Force, these were so successful that they managed to purchase 2 Silhouettes. A 3rd Silhouette was purchased by LAP and the Community Centre.

Lamp Post Poppies

From mid October 2018 Leadgate Task Force were out in the village putting up lamp post poppies in time for the annual village Remembrance Sunday Parade. Due to the North East weather (very strong winds) some of the poppies had to be replaced before the day.
Thanks to some sterling efforts by Andy Plant, Andy Harney, Ian Bone and Janet Lavery the preparation for the Centenary parade was completed.

World War 2

Another ambitious project, this time a collaboration between Andy Plant and ourselves. Yet again the time put in by Andy researching the Leadgate connections of the men and their social history was fantastic. In our research of WW2 fallen we included those who were not, for one reason or another, included on the Leadgate War Memorial. 

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